To Upload Content/Files using WinSCP

  1. Open WinSCP.

  2. Provide the Host name, User name and Password information, set Port number to 21 and click the Save button.

    Uploading content is allowed only through FTPS on Port 21. Hence, besides File Protocol you need to select FTP in the first dropdown menu and TLS Explicit encryption in the next.

    Additional Information



  3. Confirm the entry as shown below.

  4. In the Stored sessions section, select and click the Login button.

  5. Once connected, open the Web folder by double-clicking it.


    Depending upon the Directory/Folder structure of the Web Hosting package, you would need to upload your files to the relevant folder. See details

  6. Select the desired files in the left window and from the Files menu, click Copy.

  7. Confirm the file transfer by clicking the Copy button.

    The files will be transferred to the remote server.

To Enable Active/Passive Mode FTP

Different modes of data connection can be used during FTP. See details

The data connection mode can be modified in WinSCP client as follows:

  1. Under Stored sessions, select and click the Edit button.

  2. Select the Advanced options check box.

  3. By default, the data connection mode is set to Active mode. Click Connection and select the Passive mode check box.

  4. Click the Save button. The change is saved and active for future FTP sessions of this site.